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On February 12th, our family and hearts expanded. The birth of our 2nd child, Matthew, has allowed me to practice my yoga daily even when I cannot get to my mat.

"This too shall pass" has been a mantra that I have repeated often over the first month of his life. While there are soo many joys that come with a bringing a new baby into the world, there are just as many challenges for the body, mind & spirit.

You don't have to birth a 9lb. boy to appreciate the lesson of non-attachment (aparigraha).

Whatever obstacles/opportunities that you may be facing, we can use the wisdom of the 5th Yama to remember to appreciate the intensity of the moment. Whatever our situation, we can breathe into the understanding that it will only last for a finite amount of time. Our experience of life today does not predict our tomorrow.

During times when I have felt tested and depleted, I have used this mantra to re-calibrate and shift my perspective: "When my body & mind feel weak, I remember my heart always shines strong."

I have learned to embrace and honor my feelings. Whether it be the light of his first smile or the sensation of depletion of a sleepless night, I take time to breathe into the impact of the moment.

This tiny gift I have no doubt will have many more lessons for me.


What can you place a softer grip on in your life to free up more space in your body, mind & soul?

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