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Turning Inward

“Let’s sell all of our things and move to Costa Rica.”

I have heard variations of this statement a lot the last two months from clients. My response is always a wide, compassionate & knowing smile because I can relate.

We live in a world that encourages us to always be on. And if you have chosen to be in a personal or professional role of service to others, this can be extra depleting. Being the consistent, safe and trustworthy person for others requires equal attention back to self. Yet, as AmyAnn Cadwell writes in the Good Trade, “most of us are still learning how to extend ourselves the same kindness and tenderness we've cultivated towards others.”

For me, the first step is self-compassion. Knowing that feeling this way is valid & I definitely not alone. A necessary next step needs to be intentional action; creating mental and physical space for introverted moments to turn off and just be quiet.

The beautiful part is that 10-minutes can be very healing. I encourage you to carve out a few minutes today, find a space that allows you to be silent and utilize this simple posture to turn inward and rest in the non-doing.

Cross Legged Forward Fold

Cross Legged Forward Fold

  1. Bring two blocks (or another supportive prop) to your space

  2. Sit cross-legged with right leg in front of the left

  3. Set your blocks on their highest height in front of your legs

  4. Fold your torso over the blocks and rest your head on your forearms

  5. Close your eyes, allow your body to be heavy

  6. Take 15 slow breaths

  7. Repeat with opposite leg in front

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