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This season always is filled with highs and lows for me. Within a day, I can experience so many different emotions. Elated, energetic, filled with wide eyed possibility and positivity. Depleted, short tempered and desiring nothing more than someone to tuck me back into bed.

When I experience the latter, it doesn't take me by surprise though. If I allow myself, I can easily pinpoint the misturn. An accumulation of saying yes to "shoulds" and straying from that deep call from within that always communicates what I need to feel whole and complete.

This life is interesting. I find myself complicating it so often. Looking for a bigger answer, something elusive. When in reality, I know the key to life is simple in theory. Take the time to understand how you want to feel, stay curious about what pings your soul and have a collection of tools that lasso you back from distraction and doubt.

Simple in theory, more interesting in practice.

I finally got the balls to share an offering I have created and refined over the past few years. A collection of tools to support the inner work so that we can better align our inner and outer worlds. My hope is that this course brings you time to understand yourself more. Space so that you can see and hear what you are called to pursue and have a clearer picture of how and who you are being.

I invite you to join...

Creating a vision for the year ahead consists of knowing who you are, how you want to feel and a deep belief in what is possible. Use this program as a guidebook to create more clarity around the direction that you want to take in the year ahead and understand the support that you will need to get there.

Investment Includes:

  • A tested roadmap for self-discovery with relatable and actionable themes

  • (4) journaling exercises and video prompts sent over the course of the month to assist you in understanding what you value, what you desire and how to create meaningful action.

  • (4) emails created to bring more awareness to the inner work that you are doing and ideas on how to create movement in your life.

  • (4) mini movement practices that you can use to create focus and grounding and are specifically designed to provide space for discovery in your body + mind

Available Upgrade: 1-1 coaching throughout the program

Ongoing Enrollment throughout the year. Release date: Feb 4th

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