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This past weekend, I stepped away to pick apart my business. Time to look at what isn’t working. All the things I have said yes to from ego or feeling like I should. A necessary pause to ask, “Why am I doing this?" Do I enjoy it? Does it align with my goals? Does it support my definition of success?"

I also looked at what is working and deconstructed it so I can expand it. Space to realign my work with WHY I am here.

Life moves fast. All those little pings that we feel throughout the day? The soul-satisfying ones and the ones that feel heavy and uncomfortable? They are meant to be poked at and questioned. That type of self-inquiry requires some space so that we can continually realign our beliefs with our choices and behaviors.

This work is not about giving up, being non-committal or fear of digging in. Instead it is about being observant, reflective and responsible of where you are focusing your time and energy.

Can't get away for a day by yourself? I encourage you to set up an hour with your best friend or a trusted colleague. I have created a short inquiry worksheet to support your self-reflection.

Need someone to support this work? Reach out for a complimentary discovery call. I'd love to hear what is on your mind.

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