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Yesterday on my drive into Denver, I was lucky enough to catch the sky transition from dark to light. As a myriad of colors streaked the horizon, I had a moment of pure clarity.

“This one beautiful life. Don’t miss it.”

That same night at dinner, my son, delighted by his big sisters silliness, erupted in laughter. As his face spread into a wide smile and the room filled with his infectious laugh, I had a moment of pure clarity.

“This one beautiful life. Don’t miss it.”

Every other week, I teach yoga and meditation to 5 + 6 year olds. Seeing them close their eyes and practice “seashell breath” literally takes my breath away.

“This one beautiful life. Don’t miss it.”

I could share numerous examples of these tiny nudges that I get throughout the day.

These reminders that jolt me back to the present moment. These moments in life that unhurry my mind and direct me towards aliveness and gratitude.


I could also share the multitude of moments throughout my day where I forget. Where joy and awe too quickly slip away.

Endless occurrences where my mind is occupied with to-do lists, inner judgements, the hurt of the world, and the many “shoulds.”

As I celebrate another trip around the Sun this weekend, my sole birthday wish is less


The universe graciously offers infinite reminders all throughout our day.

Our work, to tune in.

To witness, receive, appreciate.

To utilize the gifts of breath and connection to others as tools for broadening our awareness and reorienting our focus back to the gifts held in the present.

Each morning, I start my day with a short guided meditation (coffee in hand).

I seal the meditation with my own personal prayer. A practice in remembering.

“May I remember that today is a gift.

May I honor it by extending kindness and peace to all beings everywhere.

May I remember my gifts and choose to courageously share them.

May I see each moment as an opportunity to practice compassion and forgiveness.

May I remember the universe is always by my side.”

I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line on social or and share your thoughts.

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