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A question that always gives me pause is, “So, what do you do?”

Simple enough question, yet the answer is beautifully layered.

Last year, I was lucky enough to meet, Dr. Sarabeth Burke.

The workshop she led was “More Than My Title.” I sat back and took in every word as I felt like she wrote her book for me.

Professionally, I could never find a short and sweet descriptor for what I do.

  • Leadership Coach

  • Growth Strategist

  • Visionary Partner

  • Business Mentor

  • Career Investigator

  • Mindfulness Maven

  • Action and Accountability Accountant

  • Organization Boss

  • Experience Expert

  • Creative Content Creator

The list goes on.

At times, I have wanted to fit in the box. I wanted one simple title. It felt a lot easier.

Less stress about website copy, networking events, dinner party small talk, social media algorithms.

Since attending her workshop, I have given myself a bit more permission to live outside a neat container.

Why the shift?

Remembering how much I love what I do. And the ability to infuse all parts of myself into it.

I work with passionate humans that have big dreams for their life and work.

They understand that anything is possible and are willing to put in the work to feel, see, and live their purpose.

That is where I come in.

My superpower is listening and seeing a vision mixed with a healthy dose of practical and accountable action. I am also a boss at organization and dominate google sheets.

My deepest desire is that my clients don’t feel alone. Because living your purpose can sometimes feel like an unchartered path.

I know that “What I do” is an expression of “Who I am.”

And the latter can not fit in a box either.

  • Partner

  • Leader

  • Mother

  • Wanderer

  • Libra/Scorpio hovering between Enneagram 4 + 8

  • Introverted/extrovert

  • Inner processor

  • Sometime pessimist

  • Movement lover

  • Podcast junkie

  • Soul seeker

And the list goes on.

Each contributing to my uniqueness. Each informing my purpose.

The work, the daily work, is to embrace them all.

So my friends, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop me a note and continue to curiously explore and expand your unique multi-hyphenated self.

PS...the picture above is how I feel about "What I do."

(post leading a workshop, in the woods, with some of the crew from The River Yoga)

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Hey Sherri! I just found you and love your blogging. Interesting that I'm going through something similar. I've been shying away from answering the same question - what do you do?. I love your perspective! Thanks for sharing!

Replying to

Thanks for the note Sonja! So glad that you enjoyed. Email me if you want to connect more:

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