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We implemented "favorite days" at the dinner table a few years back. Simply put, we each go around and say the favorite thing about our day. I love this practice. Just like a daily gratitude practice, it is a reminder to look for the joy and the good in our lives. No matter how small the moment may be. This dinner table ritual is something I look forward to. It is fun to hear what brings happiness to my littles....having chocolate milk at lunch, solo time on the playground or the present moment of having dinner as a family. More recently, we have added the question, "what was a thorn from your day?" In other words, "What was challenging? What didn't feel good?" What I have appreciated about this question is the reminder that our days are not always rosy. My hope is that I teach my children (+ also remind myself) that:

  • Sharing our tough moments with people that we love can be healing.

  • Relatability...often we think we are the only ones experiencing this tough thing.

  • Permission to speak our truth and know that we are safe + supported.

  • Sharing our emotion and story can be a connector.

  • We can share without needing a fix. Patience + silence are often the most appreciated.

  • Sharing our thorn can give it less power.

Have a similar practice or a different ritual? I'd love to hear. Drop me a line and tell me about your consistent practices.

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