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Leadership + Personal Development Coach

I am an expert listener, intuitive leader, caring connector and trusted mentor.


My lived experiences in the small business world have equipped me with the valued skill of asking the questions that need to be asked while also holding space and supporting my client's bigger vision.

I love helping clients bridge the gap between ideas and thoughts into actionable goals that produce meaningful results for their team and community.

Creating space for humans to get curious, take action and create momentum towards living life to the fullest - no apologies, no judgments, no regrets - is, without a doubt, my biggest aspiration.

"Sheri has been so important in my life + my growth. One of her greatest gifts is seeing beyond what I am saying and really feeling into my heart and what I need. I appreciate how she leads me into my own answers rather than telling me what to do or how to do it. Our time together during the coaching intensive felt so magical. She held such a container that made me reveal things in my heart that I thought were behind me. She knows when it's time to talk about heart and when it's time to talk about business. This is a skill, the amount of presence it requires cannot be taken for granted."
"Sheri is a world class leader. Her ability to lead with grace, clarity + compassion is truly one of a kind.
I have worked with Sheri for over 10 years and during every conversation and coaching session she always provides fresh and valuable insight.
She is knowledgeable and a true professional who is committed to doing what’s best.
I admire her ability to see all perspectives and then advise without bias.
When you choose to work with Sheri your life and career will most definitely flourish."

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